Final Taptasy


Tap the screen to destroy your enemies



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Final Taptasy is an incremental game where you advance through different dungeons plagued with enemies while killing them all by tapping the screen. Each tap is an attack. And each attack inflicts a certain amount of damage ... in addition to the damage your allies will inflict automatically.

When they die the enemies give you coins, and with these coins you can buy all sorts of improvements for your character, increasing the amount of damage you inflict with each tap of the screen. Also, as usual, you can improve your allies' abilities. There are more than a dozen heroes prepared to help you in your adventure.

As you advance through the dungeons and destroy bosses, you can get new weapons, armor, and relics. These objects, along with the special skills you can learn, help you face the most powerful enemies in the game.

Final Taptasy is an RPG with a really simple gameplay that you can play with just one finger. That said, one of its strong selling points is without a doubt its beautiful graphics, which combine the retro pixelated look with some really spectacular visual effects.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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